A Szellemi Tulajdon Világszervezete vezérigazgatójának angol nyelvű nyitógondolatai

Can anyone think of Hungary without immediately recalling its great, ongoing contribution to the arts and to science? Everyone knows the names of Franz Liszt and László Bíró, of course. But not everyone is aware of the sheer depth of creativity and ingenuity that springs from Hungary. How many people know that the helicopter; the binocular; cathode ray tubes; even the Ford Model T, were all invented or created by Hungarians? If you think of great Hungarians from Hollywood, then probably the legendary Zsa Zsa Gabor springs to mind. But does it come as a surprise to learn of the Hungarian origins of Tony Curtis, Goldie Hawn and Rachel Weisz?

Nowadays, Hungary is becoming famous not only for its art and invention, but also its design. The nexus where design, branding and cutting-edge technology meet is fast becoming a key area of intellectual property in the global economy. It is an area where young talent is particularly needed, bringing freshness to established capabilities. Happily, Hungary has such talent, and it takes very seriously the need to assist the upcoming generation to make our world a better place through creativity and imagination. The young talents of Hungary deserve a first class exhibition to showcase the wonderful, prize-winning contemporary state of their design, along with their art and science. WIPO could not be more proud to host, here at its headquarters, just such an exhibition. I would like to extend my very sincere thanks to all the dedicated women and men who are responsible for designing this very original, entertaining and informative exhibition, and for having brought it here to WIPO. Special mention must go to Judit Osvárt, the exhibition’s brilliant Curator.

Everyone knows the Rubik’s Cube. Invented in 1974, well over 350 million cubes have been sold worldwide. Nonetheless, it is safe to say that very few visitors to this exhibition will have seen a Rubik’s Cube with a design as remarkable as the one you will see here today. I wish all our guests a splendid and spellbinding time unlocking the secrets of this very special cube.