The V4+Israel Working Group on Research, Development and Innovation held its first meeting in Budapest on 11 December 2017 under the auspices of Hungary’s Presidency in the Visegrád Group 2017-2018.

The Working Group was convened to follow up the decision made by the Prime Ministers of the Visegrád countries and the State of Israel at their historic summit meeting in Budapest on 19 July 2017 to deepen their partnership in building innovative and creative economies.

Fotó: KKM

The Working Group is tasked with translating this decision into action by identifying relevant areas for cooperation and by launching concrete projects in V4+Israel format. The first meeting of the Working Group proved to be very productive in considering several initiatives regarding mobility, training of young entrepreneurs, RDI knowledge sharing, capacity building for SMEs and technology transfer. This dialogue will provide a framework for target-oriented cooperation to help make our economies more competitive, adding yet another pillar to the fruitful and mutually beneficial partnership of the Visegrád countries and the State of Israel.